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Affiliate Program (Affiliate Marketing) Souq ProCare MarketPlace

  Promote the site & the Souq ProCare MarketPlace Store & get a Return of 60 EGP for each Customer who Purchases from Site and 100 EGP for those who open a store to display their products.

Join our Affiliate Program Now

Promote a platform you trust to help entrepreneurs launch their projects with Souq ProCare MarketPlace

Register for Free ـ All you need is to register your basic data and the data of your personal and bank account, an electronic wallet or a PayPal account through which you will receive your earnings.

Start Promoting & Advertising Introduce your audience to your Site and store, the More you promote, the higher your earnings. Use your Coupon code or a Special link in your Promotion with our Attractive Ads.

Your percentage of any client's profits is 20%. Your profits are transferred every 7 days to your bank account, e-wallet or your PayPal account.

Why Souq ProCare MarketPlace Affiliate Program
?..go strong

Log in and Join the partners of the Souq ProCare MarketPlace to ensure the opportunity to take profits and earn more money as an advertiser, Affiliate or publisher.

Master Technical Support

Our Support team will guide and guide you every step of the way, Helping you to increase your profits.

  Earn More

   Take Advantage of the demand for online and increase your profits twice with a commission of up to 30%

100% Reliable Payments

We guarantee timely payments with a wide range of payment options. You will receive your commission in transfers up to 4 times per month.

  Track your Performance Reports

 We provide performance indicators for you to make the best decision about your various campaigns. Which increases the value of your investments through digital marketing.

Join our Affiliate Program Now

do not worry ! You will succeed in promoting the Souq ProCare MarketPlace

When you start a referral program, you will not be alone, we will help you achieve the best results by providing engaging content and everything you need to attract more clients.

  • You are the winner in all cases

We believe in the importance of rewarding and supporting our affiliate marketers fairly, so we offer you a 4% discount for every purchase made through you.

  • Track your Performance

Your Affiliate control panel shows you the Details of your performance, each click, experience, purchase, and your commission. And receive money once a week.

  • Exclusive Marketing Content

Our affiliate program provides you with exclusive marketing material for you to be able to create professional and high quality content for your website. Displays images, designs, banners, and others in an attractive and renewable way.

  • Constantly Learning

You will not be alone on this trip The technical support team will be with you throughout the time in case you need to inquire about anything.            

?.Who Benefits from Affiliate Marketing


Do you have a blog, podcast, or channel dedicated to e-commerce or related fields such as marketing, technology or startups? I advise readers of your blog or viewers of your channel to buy from our store.


Do you have many followers interested in starting their E-Commerce? Help them by directing them to subscribe and benefit from the transformation of integrated E-Commerce easily and quickly


Making videos showing the use of the Souq ProCare MarketPlace ( reviews )


Are you a professional Marketer and you have many desires to start their E-Commerce? In partnership with Souq ProCare MarketPlace, you provide them with an integrated and easy-to-use solution, and you benefit from every new marketer.

Start Earning Now

Get your affiliate link and collect up to 120 EGP for every sale you make,
There are no limits to your success and profits.

Join our Affiliate Program Now


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