Product Listing Policy with Souq ProCare

Product Listing Policy with Souq ProCare Marketplace:

  1. Product Listing: Sellers can add their products for listing on the Souq ProCare Marketplace website. The listed products must meet the specified standards and requirements set by Souq ProCare Marketplace.
  2. Information Accuracy and Integrity: Sellers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the information related to the listed product. The information should include a clear and detailed description of the product, including its features, specifications, condition, shipping policy, and return policy.
  3. Images and Visual Media: The product listing page must include accurate and high-quality images and visual media that clearly depict the product. The images should show the product from multiple angles and accurately reflect its actual condition and appearance.
  4. Product Pricing: The pricing of the product must be clearly and accurately specified. Sellers should ensure that the advertised price aligns with the value and quality of the listed product.
  5. Product Availability: The listed product should be available for purchase according to the specified quantity. Sellers should regularly update the availability status and withdraw the product when the available quantity is depleted.
  6. Product Responsibility: Sellers are responsible for the quality of the product and ensuring that it meets the required standards. In case of any issues or defects with the product, sellers should promptly and responsibly address them.
  7. Customer Communication: Sellers should communicate with customers effectively and promptly to respond to their inquiries, process their orders, and provide the necessary assistance. Sellers should be attentive to the customer experience and strive to achieve their complete satisfaction. Comprehensive and accurate information about the listed products and relevant shipping, return, and warranty terms should be provided.
  8. Data Protection: We are committed to safeguarding and protecting sellers' data in accordance with the privacy policy adopted at Souq ProCare Marketplace. The personal information provided by sellers is used solely for the purpose of facilitating the sales and purchase process and for communication purposes.
  9. Return Policy: All return processes are subject to the applicable return policy at Souq ProCareMarketplace. Sellers must comply with the specified terms and procedures for returns and ensure a satisfactory customer experience in case of returns and refunds.
  10. Compensation and Seller Liability: Sellers bear full responsibility for the products they offer and any compensations or issues that may arise from the use or defects of the products. Sellers should provide necessary assistance and resolve any problems that customers may face due to the products.
  11. Compliance with Terms: Sellers must comply with all the terms and conditions in effect at Souq ProCare Marketplace, including sales, marketing, and usage policies. Sellers should read and understand these terms and commit to them at all times.
  12. Product Content: Sellers should provide an accurate and comprehensive description of the listed product for sale. The description should include information about the product's condition, features, technical specifications, and any special shipping or delivery requirements. The attached images of the product should be clear and reflect its actual condition.

13. Pricing and Payment:
The seller is responsible for determining the price of the product and specifying the available payment methods. The price should be fair and proportional to the value of the product, and no unauthorized fees should be charged from customers. Various secure payment options should be provided to facilitate the purchasing process for customers.

14. Shipping and Delivery Terms:
The seller should clearly specify the shipping and delivery terms, including the costs and the expected time for delivery. Reliable and suitable shipping options should be provided to customers, and shipment tracking information should be available to ensure the tracking of the delivery process.

15. Legal Responsibility:
The seller bears full legal responsibility for the products they sell and guarantees that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The products should be provided in good condition, meet the usual quality standards, and be free from any material or manufacturing defects.

16. Return and Exchange Policy:
The seller should specify the return and exchange policy for the sold products. The conditions and duration allowed for returns or exchanges should be clarified, along with any applicable fees or special conditions. The seller should handle return or exchange requests fairly and in a timely manner.

17. Customer Communication:
The seller should interact with customers ethically and professionally. Inquiries and questions should be responded to quickly and reliably, and necessary assistance and support should be provided to customers throughout the purchasing process and beyond. The seller should handle feedback and complaints appropriately and resolve any issues in a fair and satisfactory manner for the customers.

18. Data Protection:
At Souq ProCare, we are committed to protecting the privacy of sellers and customers. Personal and financial information is securely collected in accordance with our privacy policy. This information is not shared with third parties unrelated to the sales and shopping process.

19. Professionalism and Integrity:
The seller should conduct themselves with high integrity and professionalism in all dealings with customers and the platform. All offers and buyers should be dealt with honestly and fairly, and misleading or false information about the products being offered should not be provided.

20. Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
The seller must comply with all applicable local and international laws and regulations in the field of sales and e-commerce. The seller is fully responsible for ensuring the legality and conformity of the products with the specified standards.

21. Promotion and Marketing:
The seller should comply with the promotion and marketing policies specified on Souq ProCare. Any advertisements or promotions of the products should be accurate and reliable, and should comply with copyright and trademark laws.

22. Contract and Commitment:
By listing your product on Souq ProCare, you agree to abide by the terms of the contract and commitments specified in the agreement between you and the platform. These terms should be read, understood, and agreed upon before starting the selling process.

Please carefully read the product listing policy before starting to list your products on the Souq ProCare website. We strive to provide a fair and transparent business environment for both sellers and customers alike. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing Souq ProCare as your destination for showcasing products. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and mutual success.


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