Seller Terms and Conditions

The seller terms and conditions on Souq ProCare marketplace are as follows:

1. Registration and Account:
   - Sellers must provide accurate and truthful information about their company or individual identity.
   - Sellers must create a unique and secure user account.
   - Sellers are prohibited from sharing their login credentials with any other person.

2. Product Management:
   - Sellers must list high-quality products in good condition.
   - Detailed and accurate descriptions must be provided for the listed products.
   - Sellers are prohibited from listing counterfeit or refurbished products.
   - Souq ProCare reserves the right to remove listings and take legal actions against sellers suspected of selling non-genuine products.

3. Pricing and Payment:
   - Sellers must accurately and clearly state the prices of their products.
   - Hidden fees or unjustified price increases are not allowed.
   - Sellers must provide secure and reliable payment options for buyers.

4. Sales and Shipping Transactions:
   - Sellers must adhere to specified shipping terms and duration.
   - A means of tracking shipments and notifying buyers of the shipment status must be provided.
   - Professional and respectful handling of buyers, as well as prompt response to their inquiries and issues, is required.

5. Order Cancellation Policy:
   - Sellers must confirm and fulfill orders within the specified time.
   - Delaying or canceling confirmed orders without clear justifications is not allowed.
   - Souq Procar reserves the right to take disciplinary actions if the order cancellation policy is disregarded.

6. Returns and Exchanges:
   - Sellers must establish a clear policy for returns and exchanges.
   - Prompt and fair response to return and exchange requests is required.

7. Legal Compliance:
   - Sellers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding product sales.
   - Selling illegal or prohibited products is not allowed.

8. Communication with Buyers:
   - Sellers must interact with buyers politely, respectfully, and provide excellent customer service.
   - Prompt response to inquiries and messages from buyers is required.
   - Manipulation or deception in communication with buyers is prohibited.

9. Intellectual Property Rights:
   - Sellers must possess the legal rights of sale and distribution for the listed products.
   - Selling products that infringe upon others' intellectual property rights is prohibited.
   - In case of receiving a claim of intellectual property rights violation, cooperation with Consumer Affairs Management for investigation and appropriate actions is required.

10. Complaints and Disputes:
   - Complaints and disputes must be handled fairly and impartially.
   - Sellers are expected to cooperate in resolving disputes amicably before resorting to legal measures.

11. Confidentiality and Information Protection:
   - Sellers must maintain the confidentiality of commercial and personal information of buyers.
   - Sharing sensitive information with third parties without explicit consent from the buyer is prohibited.

12. Account Termination:
   - Souq ProCare reserves the right to terminate a seller's account in case of violations of the terms and conditions.
   - Account termination may occur if violations persist or if the seller engages in unlawful activities.

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to updates and revisions. Sellers are advised to regularly review the updated terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions may be modified for service improvement or compliance with legal developments. By continuing to use Souq ProCare marketplace, sellers signify their acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.

Souq ProCare strives to provide a safe and trusted environment for e-commerce and enhance the experience for both sellers and buyers. Sellers are required to comply with the seller terms and conditions, as well as applicable laws and regulations.

The seller terms and conditions are crucial to ensuring integrity, quality, and safety in commercial transactions on Souq ProCare marketplace. Please read these terms and conditions carefully and ensure understanding before continuing to sell products on Souq ProCare.

If you have

 any questions or inquiries regarding the terms and conditions, please contact the customer support team of Souq ProCare for assistance.


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