Terms and conditions of the seller

Introduction: These terms and conditions (website terms) state how you use our services in order to sell your goods (products) through the SouqProcare marketplace website, or the related part of SouqProcare (the site). In order to use the site or any of our services (our services) to sell products, you must create a valid seller account for each selected country (being the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Egypt) in which you want to sell your products. We may amend our services from time to time.

Words used in these site terms: the terms defined or written in bold have the meanings given to them in these site terms. The word seller refers to either you as an individual if you use the services on behalf of yourself, or the company for which you work as a representative (if you are registered or use a service in your capacity (as part of) a company or any of your affiliates (individually (in relation to each selected country) or Collectively, as the context requires)) and you choose to create a seller account in each of the selected countries and / or register on the site. The seller agrees to abide by and be bound by these terms of the site.

In these terms of the site, the words of SouqProcare, us, the conscience of the community speaking and our king, as applicable, mean each or all of the contracting party (s) of SouqProcare (as stipulated below for each selected country referred to below) or any of its affiliates. The word “subsidiary” means in relation to any entity, any other entity or person who directly or indirectly controls that entity or is subject to it or is subject to the joint control of that entity. The word “person” means any individual, company, partnership, limited liability company, government entity, association, joint venture, department or specific entity, whether or not it has a clear legal existence.

Create a seller account for a selected country: According to the instructions on the site, you must create a seller account with us for each of the selected countries in which you need to benefit from our services. If you are an individual, you must be a resident of that selected country, but in the case of companies, the company must have the ability to conduct business in the selected country according to the laws in force in that country. We may assist you in creating an account in each of the selected countries after receiving the necessary information from you. And you must familiarize yourself with the process mentioned on the site and also familiarize yourself with all the terms of the site. You must not register under a pseudonym and / or impersonate the login credentials of any other seller or his password (s), as this fraudulent behavior results in the violation of federal, national, regional or international laws and regulations in force (applicable laws) in Relevant selected country. You also agree to provide all relevant information to us as long as your account is active. When registering your seller’s account, with each of the selected countries, you must present the valid and original supporting documents that we specify (according to the laws in force in the selected country) according to what we require through the site or your seller’s account.

Passwords: In the event that you are selected or provided with a username, password, or any other information as part of our security procedures, you must deal with this information with complete confidentiality, as you are solely responsible for maintaining the integrity of your password. It is not permissible for you to disclose your password to others (unlike other parties authorized by you to use your account according to these site terms), and you are solely responsible for any use or action taken under your password. In the event that your password is compromised, you must change it immediately. We have the right to stop any identification name or password, whether it was chosen by you, or we have assigned it, at any time if we believe, in our reasonable opinion, that you have failed to comply with any of these site conditions.

Specific policies: By creating a valid seller account for each of the selected countries, you agree at the time of creating the account or registration to abide by and adhere to these site terms as well as all policies, protocols, guidelines and other conditions contained on the site (which form an integral part of these site terms) . This includes:

A) Any country-specific conditions that you are notified of from time to time and that apply in each of the selected countries in which you register or choose to use our services (by using the functions we can activate the use for your account); And the

B) Any terms of service related to the services provided by us and requested by you, and we can provide you with them from time to time (by using the functions we can activate the use for your account) according to the conditions for that service (it may only relate to specific products) (other terms of service) which represent a part Among the terms of this site. Other terms of service include, without limitation, the terms of requests executed by SouqProcare (conditions for requests executed by SouqProcare).

Our Procar.com Commercial Services: In accordance with these site terms, we provide you with websites and mobile phones to enable you to display your products (which you choose and agree to) to customers and complete transactions in each of the selected countries according to what you choose and agree on together. Including what is described on the website (https://eg.souqprocare.com our commercial SouqProcare services). Except as otherwise provided in these site terms, the seller acknowledges that Procar does not own the ownership or ownership of the products or the stock of the products at any stage by virtue of our provision of our services according to these site terms. The products remain the property of the seller until a successful delivery to the customer is made and completed or returned to the seller.

Duties of the seller: You may only take advantage of the site for legitimate and legal purposes

Potty. And you must abide by all the laws in force in the selected country, and you acknowledge that they may differ in the different selected countries. You are required to adhere to these differences wherever you may find them. You must ensure that your products comply with the images placed on the site and with the information provided to us, and you must avoid placing any advertisements or misleading information about your products or any trademark on the site. And in the event that you discover your violation of these site terms, you must accept the return of the products and bear responsibility in front of us in accordance with these site terms.

Products that we consider potentially dangerous (including, for example, the health and safety of individuals) may require additional safeguards to be given to us in order to allow sale through the website. Certain laws apply in the selected country to sell this type of product and it is your responsibility to comply with these laws. You will be solely responsible for and the costs of any liabilities incurred as a result of failure to comply with health and related safety requirements and / or the sale of products that pose a risk to individuals or people's property. We reserve the right to reject products that are included in our list of prohibited items, as amended from time to time. The products offered for sale on the site must comply with all laws, regulations, policies and protocols of SouqProcare that are specified on the site and updated from time to time. It is strictly forbidden to sell illegal or unsafe products or other prohibited products mentioned in these pages, including products that are available only by prescription. Before listing or requesting us to include products on the site, you should carefully review the relevant instruction pages on the site. The examples on the help pages are not exhaustive, they are only provided as a kind of instructional information. Accordingly, we encourage you to seek independent legal advice if you have any questions about laws and regulations related to your products.

The sale process and its implementation: In contrast to the cases in which we agree to provide our services to you according to the conditions of our other services (and at this time only according to the guarantees and to the extent stipulated in the terms of the other services mentioned), and for any of our services that you request to use or benefit from (which we agree to provide) In each of the selected countries, you must:

A) Ensure that your products do not cause any personal injury or property damage;

B) To present to SouqProcare (upon request) an updated copy of your trade license (in the case of companies) or a copy of your passport or national identity (in the case of natural persons);

C) Provide the required warranties and maintenance for the products purchased in accordance with SouqProcare practices, guidelines, protocols and applicable law (s) (a); d) continue to bear responsibility for after-sales services, warranties, warranties, maintenance and any defects that may appear in or in connection with your products According to the applicable law (where you may ask us to do this on your behalf); e) to bring, display, sell and fulfill your products, in each case, according to the terms of the order and the shipping data (and that regarding any of your products that are ordered through the site), and the terms This site, and all the conditions provided by you (with our consent) or by us, which are displayed on the site at the time of the order, as you are solely responsible for and bear all risks of those activities;

S) Executing your product requests using one of the courier companies accredited to us (which will be notified to you with the data provided through your seller account);

F) Packaging each of your products in a reasonable commercial manner that complies with all packaging and labeling requirements stipulated in each of the selected countries;

G) Subject to the other conditions of service, ship each of your products, at your expense or the expense of the customer (in agreement with us), on or before any of the following: (1) The end of the period available for shipment (which starts from the date of the relevant order made before Customer) or the shipping availability date, as applicable, which you specify in the relevant inventory / product data for your product; Or (2) in the event that you do not specify the shipping availability information in the aforementioned stock / product data or if your product is classified within the category of products that require SouqProcare to be shipped within three working days from the date of the relevant order being placed by the customer and you acknowledge and agree to our right to Collecting any losses incurred or incurred against us if: (1) You delay in the time specified for delivery; Or (2) canceling the customer's confirmed order;

H) Retrieve order data and shipping information for any of your products that have been ordered through the site to comply with your obligations in accordance with these site conditions;

I) To only cancel any sale of your product (your products) through the site as permitted in accordance with the guidelines and policies issued by us, which are in effect at the time of the mentioned order or as required under these site conditions; j) Execute your product requests throughout The selected country (s) (except to the extent prohibited by applicable law or these site terms);

K) Providing Procar.com with the necessary information regarding the execution of the requests, placing the order and tracking it (to the extent available), in each case according to what we request, using the processes specified by us, and we shall have the right to make any of this information publicly available;

L) Comply with all instructions, if any, specified by the manufacturer, distributor, and / or product licensing authority, which specify the date before which specific information on that product (example: book title) may not be made available, or before which the product may not be delivered. Otherwise, make it available to customers;

M) To be the seller of each of your products and not to act on behalf of anyone else;

N) Attach a dedicated packing card

The order and, if applicable, any tax invoices, for each shipment of your products;

O) Identify yourself as a seller of each of your products on all packing cards or other information received or provided regarding your products and as the person to whom the customer can return the applied product; And the

P) Except as expressly permitted by these site conditions, the obligation not to contact customers (whether by phone, e-mail, or other means of communication) to confirm orders, to implement your products, or for any other reason.

Our Policies: The terms of the site apply to all activities or transactions that take place on or through the site in each of the selected countries. In the event that the seller or the owner of a trademark from a third party notifies Procar.com or through a court or an administrative or governmental order that the products or any part thereof violate the intellectual property rights in accordance with the laws in force in the selected country (which means without restriction) (1) Copyright or copyrights, patents, database rights and rights in trademarks, designs, technical knowledge, and confidential information (whether registered or unregistered); (2) Registration requests, and the right to apply for registration, relating to any of those rights; And (3) all other intellectual property rights, and equal or similar protections found anywhere else in the world) or any other rights of others or under any laws in force in the selected country, then we may remove those products from the site and from our stores (if That applies) and that is at our absolute discretion or the seller submits a request to remove those products within a reasonable period of time sent in writing. Seller acknowledges that SouqProcare may from time to time introduce and implement new business rules and customer service guidelines. In addition, we are not obligated to return any information, materials or documents to you, whether before or after the termination of these site terms or the cancellation of your seller account.